What’s a Growth Circle?

“No mind is complete by itself.  It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, 1937

Growth Circles do what they say on the tin. 

They are circles of non-competing but like-minded business owners and leaders who meet up on a regular basis to support each other, learn new stuff, and grow their businesses.

We’ve taken the business mastermind concept and reinvented it to meet the changing demands of modern leadership in an ever-changing, uncertain, and complex world.

A Growth Circle is not rocket science, but it does add rocket fuel to your personal and business visions, objectives and plans – and it uses a formula that has been tried, tested, and refined over more than 60 years.

Every Growth Circle has three core elements – each of which plays an equal part in providing your growth rocket fuel:

  • Structured learning opportunities that provide you with outstanding CPD, tailored to the needs of the modern business owner
  • Mastermind problem solving sessions, where you’ll find that a problem shared is a problem solved
  • One to one coaching and mentoring sessions, delivered by people who have walked the talk and completely get what you are going through

All this is delivered in a way that recognises that the era of a leader being able (or willing) to take whole days out of the office has gone the way of the three martini lunch followed by a couple of rounds of golf at the country club (and the dodo for that matter…).

Add some high-octane inspiration to your life!

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